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Climate change is here. Does your organization have the right tools to adapt?

There’s a pervasive myth that sustainability is a cost that doesn’t produce a positive return on investment. This results in inaction and the continuation of “business-as-usual.”

Yet, sustainable business practices create numerous benefits for businesses and organizations, including the opportunity to save money through efficiency and conservation practices while improving the bottom line.

In the Sustainability Transformation Course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of sustainable business practices to hone your business strategy, define your purpose, and realize savings.

Tools for Becoming a Better Sustainability Champion:

Sustainability Transformation is a journey. You don’t have to go it alone!

During the course, you’ll have access to our Community Forum where you can connect with other Sustainability Champions.

To get even more out of the experience, take the course with a colleague in your organization or an associate in your field. Group pricing is available, contact us for more information!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Sustainability Transformation

    2. Navigating The Course

    3. Course Workbook

    4. Learning Objectives

    5. Introduction to Sustainability Transformation

    6. Regulatory & Reporting Frameworks

    7. Knowledge Check 1

    8. Shifting Societal Values & Business

    9. Workbook – Reflections

    10. The Sustainability Journey

    11. Workbook – Sustainability Tranformation Journey Stages

    12. Knowledge Check 2

    13. Introduction to Stakeholder Mindset

    14. Module 1 Recap

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. What You Want To Be Known For

    4. Stakeholder Mapping

    5. Sustainable Value – Part 1

    6. Sustainable Value – Part 2

    7. Knowledge Check

    8. Module 2 Recap

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. 7 Common "Stumbles" in Leading Change

    4. Developing Your ROADMAP

    5. ROADMAP & Action Assessment Tool

    6. Knowledge Check

    7. Module 3 Recap

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Workbook – Pre-Module Exercise

    4. Waste in the United States

    5. How We Look at Waste

    6. How to Reduce Waste in Your Organization

    7. The Waste Management Hierarchy

    8. Workbook – Solid Waste Mini Audit

    9. Current Trends

    10. Knowledge Check

    11. Module 4 Recap

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Workbook – Pre-Module Exercise

    4. A Clean Energy Future

    5. Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    6. Workbook – Benefits of Energy Management Reflection

    7. Energy Strategy for SMEs

    8. Energy Initiative Ideas

    9. Workbook – Plug Load Treasure Hunt Exercise

    10. Additional Key Concepts

    11. Knowledge Check

    12. Workbook – Energy Savings Opportunities Exercise

    13. Module 5 Recap

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Circular Economy

    4. The Purpose of Circular Economy

    5. The Emergence of Circular Economy

    6. Introducing Tom Fecarotta – Industry Expert Spotlight

    7. Industry Expert: Importance of Awareness

    8. Industry Expert: Stakeholders

    9. Circularity Momentum

    10. Knowledge Check 1

    11. Achieving Circular Economy Maturity

    12. Industry Expert: Identifying Opportunities

    13. Knowledge Check 2

    14. Workbook – Recognizing Circular Economy Opportunities Exercise

    15. Module 6 Recap

About this course

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  • 95 lessons


  • What is the time commitment of the course?

    The Course includes: 8 online Course Modules, a Course Workbook, a Sustainability ROADMAP, 2 live sessions, and 1 Sustainability Coaching session. Expect to spend approximately 1-3 hours per week for 8 weeks. You can review the online modules at your own pace. However, we recommend following the weekly cadence to allow yourself time to work through each module and its corresponding Workbook exercises.

  • What can I expect from my free Sustainability Coaching session?

    Your Sustainability Coach will help you explore your current situation and what opportunities you most want to pursue that fit your organizational goals, culture, and sustainability potential. Our coaches have decades of experience in the sustainability space and are excited to help you explore opportunities and connect you with targeted resources.

  • What’s involved in developing a Sustainability Transformation ROADMAP?

    The ROADMAP is a tool to support the actions involved in Sustainability Transformation. It is where you will plan your sustainability initiatives, determine how you will measure their impact, and track your progress. It is also the place to jot down ideas to consider for further screening. You will have the option to upload your finished ROADMAP for evaluation and feedback by the REV+ALL team.

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