Come Join our Pilot and Invest in Your Sustainable Future

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Positive Change For a Successful Future

For society to be sustainable, organizations need to contribute positively instead of mainly extracting value. To thrive now and in the future, they will need to transform, redesign and re-align to use resources wisely, create value, and create mutually beneficial relationships. At the root of this shift is creating a culture that nurtures life, on purpose. Register to our Sustainability Transformation Course and be the Leader in your industry in taking the right steps to create positive change.

What's in the course?

Learn the fundamentals of sustainable business practices to hone your business strategy, define your purpose, and realize savings.

How does it work?

An 8 weeks of self-paced, on-demand learning in combination with live group sessions, facilitated by industry experts, and small group coaching sessions will set you and your organization up for success.

  • Eight weeks of online learning lessons on various need-to-know sustainability topics.

  • Eight live virtual sessions with experts and other small business owners completing the class.

  • Ongoing learning resources such as a workbook with actionable questions and a Roadmap Initiative tool to calculate ROI and decide on new initiatives.

  • A community forum to network and share ideas with peers in your cohort or the larger community.

  • Three small group coaching sessions with sustainability coaches who will advise you on your specific topics and questions.

  • Overall, gain a deeper level of knowledge and understanding about your sustainability and how it can benefit your business or organization.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation

    2. Navigating The Course

    3. Course Workbook

    4. M1 Learning Objectives

    5. Introduction to Sustainability Transformation

    6. Regulatory & Reporting Frameworks

    7. Knowledge Check 1

    8. Shifting Societal Values & Business

    9. M1 - Workbook - Reflections

    10. The Sustainability Journey

    11. M1 - Workbook - Exercise

    12. Knowledge Check 2

    13. Introduction to Stakeholder Mindset

    14. M1 Recap - Preparing for Sustainability Transformation

    15. Week 1 Live Session (January 13th @ 11am PST)

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. What You Want To Be Known For

    4. Stakeholder Mapping

    5. Sustainable Value - Part 1

    6. Sustainable Value - Part 2

    7. Knowledge Check

    8. M2 Recap - Capturing Sustainable Value & Stakeholder Mapping

    9. Week 2 Live Session (January 20th @ 11am PST)

    1. Introduction

    2. M3 Learning Objectives

    3. 7 Common "Stumbles" in Leading Change

    4. Developing Your Sustainability Roadmap

    5. Roadmap Initiatives Tool

    6. Materiality Assessments

    7. Knowledge Check

    8. M3 Recap - Success in Making Change

    9. Week 3 Live Session (January 27th @ 11am PST)

    1. Introduction

    2. M4 Learning Objectives

    3. Pre-Module Exercise

    4. Waste in the United States

    5. How We Look at Waste

    6. Reducing Waste

    7. The Waste Management Hierarchy

    8. M4 - Workbook - Waste Audit Exercise

    9. Current Trends

    10. Knowledge Check

    11. M4 Recap - How to Reduce Waste

    12. Week 4 Live Session (February 3rd @ 11am PST)

    1. Welcome

    2. M5 Learning Objectives

    3. Pre-Module Exercise

    4. A Clean Energy Future

    5. Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    6. M5 - Workbook - Reflection

    7. Energy Strategy for SMOs

    8. Energy Initiative Ideas

    9. M5 - Workbook Exercise 1 - Plug Load Treasure Hunt

    10. Additional Key Concepts

    11. Knowledge Check

    12. M5 - Workbook Exercise 2 - Energy Opportunities

    13. Module Recap

    14. Week 5 Live Session (February 10th @ 11am PST)

    1. Introduction

    2. M6 Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Circular Economy

    4. The Purpose of Circular Economy

    5. The Emergence of Circular Economy

    6. Introducing Tom Fecarotta - Industry Expert Spotlight

    7. Industry Expert: Importance of Awareness

    8. Industry Expert: Stakeholders

    9. Circularity Trends

    10. Knowledge Check 1

    11. Achieving Circular Economy Maturity

    12. Industry Expert: Identifying Opportunities

    13. Knowledge Check 2

    14. M6 - Workbook Exercise - Recognizing Circular Economy Opportunities

    15. M6 Recap - Circular Economy

    16. Week 6 Live Session (February 17th @ 11am PST)

About this course

  • $479.00
  • 103 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Important Course Dates

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Invest in Your Sustainable Future

At checkout, use the coupon code that you received to receive your full discount for our inaugural cohort.

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  • What's the schedule and duration of the course?

    The course includes an on-demand, self-paced learning module during each of the 8-weeks. In addition, there is associated exercises to fill out in your workbook each week. This is a self-guided course, so we suggest that you sit down for a few hours once a week to focus on the module content. There are scheduled real-time facilitated sessions each week to go over what members of the class learned in the module. In addition, these live sessions will feature extra insights from subject experts and walk-throughs of the ROI tools available.

  • Who are the instructors?

    The instructors... (need copy)

  • How many other class members are there?

    There will be 30 members in the inaugural cohort.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The upfront tuition price is $479 per student, which gives you lifetime access to these resources and helps your business realize thousands in savings.